I’ve made the decision. It’s time to give blogger the ole’ heave-ho. I’ve been there for a few years now, off and on, and its just not working out. I need a bit of a change of pace! Although I had some good times there, I’m hoping wordpress will hold even more good things in store!

Currently on the nighstand is Revolutionary Road, the Richard Yates book that is currenly about to be released as the next Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet movie, their first reunion since Titanic. The book, thus far, is stunning. The book follows Frank and Alice Wheeler as they live their lives in a 1950’s suburb that is not at all what they signed up for. Once young with huge dreams of Paris, seeing the world, living free, before they know it Frank and Alice have two kids, a cookie-cutter house with a picture window, and an almost suffocating insanity. Thats what is so beautiful about the book – the almost crushing feeling of sameness, of predictibility that one could imagine coming from living in the ice-cream-pastel world that was the 1950’s suburbs. I’m only about a third of the way through the book and am already really, really excited to see exactly how far Frank and Alice will go in the effor to recover the passion for life that they lost.

Up next comes the eternal, age-old question: what books to take on a vacation with limited space! I’m getting ready to head out in a few days on an Alternative Winter Break (which, in all honesty, will actually be quite cool, as I’m going to spend a week in the desert, leaving food and water at various points in order to legally aid the immigrant population. We’re camping in the desert for about four days and doing three days of office work, which will be the significantly less cool portion of the trip) and the packing space is rather limited. I’m pretty sure I’m going to take Pride and Prejudice, seeing as how it’s required reading for my Jane Austen class next semester and, as far as Austen goes, it will require the let amount of effort, being more of a security blanket than anything else. Other than that, I’m running in to problems. I want to take On the Road, but I haven’t had much luck with it in the past, and am not sure now is the best time to try and give it another go. Then there is the thought of swinging by the local Half-Price Books and picking up a full (NOT abriged!) version of Les Miserables, a huge book that would be sure to keep me occupied on the sixteen hour ride there and back, not to mention on those cold desert nights. But is a car ride full of fellow twenty-somethings really the best time to give dense French literature a go? Who knows! Then there is that new Borders gift card I was lucky enough to get for Christmas, so maybe something new is in order? Who knows!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the reading goals for the next year, the foremost of which is finally making my enterance into the world of book blogging! Until then, Merry Christmas and happy reading!



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