Happy New Year!

It’s shortly after the new year here (despite what the time stamp on this post may say!) and it’s been a relatively relaxing night. I’m currently incapacitated by a horrendous cold that has shut up almost all avenues of breathing and makes my body feel like its been hit by a semi-truck. So, instead of popping the bubbly with a few good friends as originally planned, I had crab legs with the folks, watched the ball drop and, all the while, curled up with Revolutionary Road.

revolutionary-roadI found Revolutionary Road to be exactly what the doctor ordered when it came to Christmas break reading. I was having some trouble really getting in to the swing of reading for fun again (when all you read are books for school, you can forget how good it feels, and in general, how to read for fun) and this book did a marvelous job of bringing me in to a world so unlike my own, and yet somehow shockingly familiar. The desperation had by Frank and April Wheeler is almost as suffocating for the reader as it is for the couple themselves. Although I had some qualms with the ending (which I won’t mention out of fear of spoiling it), the book as a whole was marvelous. Yate’s did a fantastic job of illustrating how one’s life can become something it was never inteded to be. Indeed, often the things we believe to be temporary end up becoming permanent, no matter how much we loathe those things to begin with. Frank and April live their lives in lies – to themselves, to each other, to those they know and love. And, just when it seems like they have the chance to rediscover who they are, they loose it – April becomes pregnant again and the couple cannot make the much needed and desired move to Paris that much of the middle of the book pends on. When this happens, the reader feels just as frustrated, just as afraid of what is to become of the young Wheeler couple. The only parts of the book I had problems with (other than the end) were some of the more moody fights between the young couple. Many times, it seemed like the young lovers went from friendly to fighting without so much as a stop in between. I understand that this is often what occurs sometimes, but it didn’t translate well to the page. Other than that, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be picking up some more Richard Yates very, very soon! (5 Star)

As soon as I’d closed the cover on Revolutionary Road, I cracked open Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind, a book I always claim to have read but have never actually finished. I got to about page 50 when the ball dropped, and I’m hoping to knock out another 20 or so before hitting the sack, so I’ll save a review thus far for tomorrow. Have a happy new year and happy reading!


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  1. charley
    Jan 14, 2009 @ 01:24:12

    I saw a film preview for this, but I realized it was based on a book only a few days ago. I’m really looking forward to reading the book, hopefully before the movie is released.


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