BTT – Feeling the Inspiration

Hey guys! Sorry about the horrible formatting on the last post – I tried to play with it, to get it straightened out, but wordpress just wasn’t cooperating, and I got tired of trying! So, in essence, I’m saying sorry but too bad! Now, on to this weeks Booking Through Thursday!


Since inspiration is (or should be) the theme this week…what is your reading inspired by?

I think that its fair to say that, at least some of the time, my reading is inspired by what is required. Part of the drawback of being a student (and especially an English major) is that there is usually a fair amount of assigned reading. This means less time to read books that I would have personally chosen for myself. This can lead to reading some really, really awesome books that I may not have read otherwise (as is usually the case in my sociology classes – yes, I’m also a double major in sociology) and can sometimes lead to reading books that I would have skipped otherwise (early colonial religious tracts? 18th century metaphysical British poetry? No thanks to both). Other than the assigned portion of my reading, I would say that my friends (both in flesh-and-blood form and my growing number of friends in the blogging community) inspire a lot of what I read. I have a wide variety of friends with a wide variety of interests, so sometimes the books they recommend can lead me in directions that I may not have gone in otherwise. Lastly, my reading is inspired by what I want to read at the time – sometimes its heavy “brain food” and sometimes its heavy “brain candy”. For me, reading is a time that I can do something I love by myself. Its hedonism at its most subtle and, for me, its most important. So I let the literary winds blow me where they may, and I’m just along for the ride!

obsession-for-gm1I also want to go ahead and introduce the new Obsession Of The Moment (OOTM!) Yeah, I know. Its objectifying men to show them in such a scandalous state of undress. Blah blah blah. I just think he’s pretty to look at. Anyway, the current obesession striking me at the moment would be the musical “Zanna, Don’t!” Now, before you go and get all judgy and high and mighty, yes, I admit it. Musicals are dorky. They’re campy and overdone, and this pariticular musical can hang with the best of them, as far as those aspects are concerned. But its also SO DAMN CUTE! Let me explain: “Zanna, Don’t!” is set in an alternate world where being gay is the norm and being straight is socially unacceptable. Zanna, the title character, is a magic fairy who is responsible for bringing people who have “extra love” (those without significant others) together! In his own words, “he’s a love sleuth/going undercover for a lover/who cannot find another”. In this alternate world, love is simple matter. Its “two by two/just like Noah had to do/the only trick to love/is finding who belongs with who”. However, things don’t stay wonderful in this lovely little world. Before long, Steve, the new quarterback finds a boyfriend in Mike, the captain of the chess team (also worth mentioning here is that, in this world, the chess team are the bigshots and football players are kind of treated like the dorky ones) but is really in love with Kate, an academic superstar. The two have to hide their straight love from their respective life partners. It’s messy, its sloppy, and the only way to fix it is for Zanna to cast a magical spell and change the whole world to one where being straight is okay! It’s fun, its campy, and it features bull riding, a little bit of girl-on-girl, and a whole lot of tongue in cheek humor. Take the portion of the song “I Think We’ve Got Love”, sung by Mike and Steve, when they first meet.
Mike: “I knew I love you from the moment I first saw you!”
Steve: “Really? I wasn’t sure until about two and a half minutes ago when you started singing!”
Mike: “Really?”
Steve: “Yeah. Until then, I’m not sure I knew what love was!”
It’s just so funny! The soundtrack is available via amazon (I’d link it, but my computer is being unnecessarily difficult at the moment) and if you want some fun, funny, PG-13 style entertainment where everyone really does get a happy ending, I urge you to go check out “Zanna, Don’t!” Happy reading!


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