Pictures Worth 1,000 Words

There are a lot of ways I could tell you about myself. But, if pictures are worth 1,000 words, how about a just give you a bunch of pictures! 😀

n16831432_40149779_4650 <–These lovely ladies are the wonderful girls I’ve been living with these past two years. They are the light of my everyday, and without them, life wouldn’t be nearly as interesting!

n16831432_35904142_2071<– Halloween is my favorite holiday. Two years ago, the girls above (plus or minus one!) and I decided to dress up as the cast from Clue (I played the dead body, lol). It was a great, great day!

n16831432_39638907_4808<– This is what I do with a large majority of my time. You can’t see it, but playing on the TV right in front of me is Grey’s Anatomy. Mmm Mmm Grey’s Anatomy.

n1191570135_30158622_3231<– These are the fantastic students I went to Arizona with on my No Mas Muertes trip. They’re a group of kids destined for more than great things.

n1194960140_30160494_6134<– My family is THE most important thing in the world to me. Thats my mom and my niece, Aubrey, twirling in her brand new princess dress this past Christmas.

n1194960140_30160455_137<– Tell me that doesn’t just melt your heart! She is literally the light of my life, and its the saddest thing when I realize that I can’t see her every day because she and her mom are in Chicago.

n1036584223_30247465_4895<– This is my sister and my dad and I over this past Christmas. He’s a goofball, and shes almost a full decade older than I am, but they bring me nothing but daily joy.

n1194960068_30082607_8681<– Next to family, my friends are what I live for. This is my best friend, Rae, and she and I have been friends for going on half an decade now. She’s my other half, and without her every day would be a complete waste. I’m heartbroken that she’s moving to Arizona in a few months.

n1194960002_30135884_437<– Kate and I have been friends for year (since the first grade, to be exact) and although going to different colleges prevents us from seeing each other as much as we’d like, there are times that I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t see her at least every few months.

n1194960140_30081547_9938<– This is Michael. My best friend/best dancer I know/most comfortable gay man I’ve ever met/Senior prom date/bringer of joy. As you can see, hes quite the looker!

n1194960140_30147058_1408<– This is Kelsey. Kelsey is insane. She’s also the only girl from my high school to come and live where I live, ensuring that we soon became fast friends.

n16826712_37409946_6075<– Where I live, basketball is pretty much a huge deal. And also, our team is pretty damn good. Perhaps you’ve heard of us – the KU Jayhawks? We’re only, like, national champions. This is what downtown looked like after we won the national championship. It was the best night of my life. Completely.

n16827509_37456560_4537<– Social activism is  the life blood of this country, and thus is something I strive for daily. This is last year, at our school’s Amnesty International protest of Guantanamo Bay.

n1194960140_30181916_9845<– It’s now time for some of the best guys in my life (except for Michael. He’s got a special place in my heart). This is Steele. He rows. He’s a genius. And he’s a great friend. I just wish he didn’t look so silly sometimes.

n1642470225_144563_932<– This is Jeff. Jeff and I became great friends when he broke his foot and three days later I sprained my ankle. We spent the next few weeks being crippled together, and nothing brings people together faster than immobility!

n1194960140_30160463_2129<– This is Drew. Drew has been there by my side since junior high. I’m currently dating his best friend Mark, and we try and record music together whenever he’s home (don’t worry. I just write the lyrics. As I said, music isn’t really something I’m very good at making). He’s currently a PFC in the army stationed in California, and he comes home the same year I graduate college. It’s too far to think about.

There you have it! A visual tour-de-force of the most important people in my life! Happy reading!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 22:41:31

    I loved looking at your life in pictures! Grey’s Anatomy is also a passion of mine. Did you see yesterday’s show? OMG! I can hardly wait for next week! I love, love, love this show.


  2. bybee
    Feb 15, 2009 @ 07:14:14

    I loved your pictures, as I love your blog.

    Sorry about that KU-Mizzou game last week.


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