Taking Advantage

I’m using what little time I have right now to sneak the use of my sister’s new and shiny MacBook in Chicago and let me tell you, it continues to remind me of just how sad I am that I don’t have one! But, pausing long enough to wipe the drool off the keyboard, I wanted to pop back in and say hi, trying to stick to my goal of updating this lovely little blog just a little more often! Anyway, finals week just wrapped up a few days ago (as in this past Thursday) and since then I’ve been able to make a lovely bit of headway on Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being which is looking to be just about as good as I was hoping it would be, although there are still a few parts that feel a little too…forced philosophical, which is my least favorite kind. But I’m really falling in love with Sabina, a Czech painter who seems to find all the beauty in life in some of the ugliest places. I’ve also got some Nabokov, some Roth, some Rilke, and some Tolstoy so I’ll have some good reviews coming your way soon! Happy reading!


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