Review: Letters to a Young Poet

Please don’t be expecting much from this review – mostly because there isn’t much I can say about the book other than… OHMYFREAKINGJIMMINYTHISBOOKWILLCHANGEYOURLIFE!

In case you missed that, this book will change your life, especially if you’ve ever wondered about the following things:

* If it’s okay to want to be alone
* What sex is, and what a relationship is
* What art is, and how to create it
* Whether or not there is more to poetry than just words and rhymes
* How an older poet works to help a younger one

If any of this strikes your fancy, or if you’re just looking for a book to fill a few hours spare time (the edition that I have, which is the edition pictured at left, comes in at just under 100 pages – 98, to be exact) then pick up some Rilke. He spins words like cotton candy, with just as much flavor but twice as much sustenance, and some of the best writers I know carry tiny copies of this book in their back pockets or purses the way that some people carry tiny Bibles. It’s my first five-star read of the New Year, and it was totally worth it! Happy reading!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andi
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 19:50:58

    Love it! I read this book in my late teens and early 20s and adored it. Would love a re-read.


  2. Jeane
    Jan 08, 2010 @ 18:31:24

    Augh! I had a copy of this book, glanced at it once, wasn’t interested and swapped it. Now I wish I had it back, to delve into a bit more. I’m sure I’d find something to appreciate (as an artist, one who prefers to be alone sometimes)


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