Review: I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell

I’m feeling a little antsy today, and I know I need to review Tucker Max’s book while it’s still fresh in my mind, but I’m REALLY not in the mood to do a normal post, so instead, all you lucky readers out there get to read the wonderful pro/con list I’ve put together about I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

* This book is ABSOLUTELY hilarious – to me. My mother found it less funny. As did every other woman I asked to read it. Apparently, this makes me an aberration amongst my gender. However, I’ve always found jokes about bodily functions (both male and female) and the blatant mocking of others to be really, really funny and, as such, I found this book hilarious.
* This book made me so, SO happy that the men that I know in my life aren’t at all like Tucker Max. Not that they wouldn’t go around getting drunk and having overly promiscuous sex if given the chance (in fact, many of them do do this) but I know they’d do it with more general respect and compassion than Tucker does.
* The book also, I think, teaches women a very important lesson: you get the respect you demand. It’s not about deserving. Yes, Tucker Max is a horrible, horrible person. Let me repeat: TUCKER MAX IS A HORRIBLE PERSON. But the reason he’s able to get away with 90% of the things he gets away with is because the girls he’s with allow him to. It’s a simple lesson – don’t let the guy be a jerk, and he may leave, but at least he won’t be treating you like a jerk.
* Tucker Max writes with the kind of honesty I admire. He tells you from the first page that he isn’t a good person, and he’s right. He also tells every possible embarrassing story he can, whether it’s embarrassing for him or someone else. Whether you find it entertaining or not, you have to admire a guy who’s willing to admit that he’s been: vomited on, pooped on by a dog, and shot in the eye with his own baby-making-liquids.

* This book is absolutely disgusting (for just a hint of some of the disgusting things that happen to Tucker Max, see the final bullet point of the “PRO” column”)
* Tucker Max not only objectifies women, he is especially hell-ful to the fat women (a word that appear at least 200 times throughout the whole book) and, as a self-classified (and proud of it!) ‘fat-girl’, I had to be pissed at Tucker Max. It was one of those situations where, even as I was laughing, I knew that if a man were talking to me the way Tucker Max talks to some of these girls, I would remove from him any future of having children. So I do sympathize – I’m not a total traitor to my fellow sistahs!
* Tucker Max is funny, but it’s mean funny. And I mean MEAN, cruel, insensitive and combative funny. All of his friends (pseudonymed with gems like ‘SlingBlade, GoldenBoy, and Credit) are the same way. And it’s making me mean. I’ve noticed that my on-fire-zinging-comebacks have increased, and gotten a lot more viscious than usual – and I blame Tucker.

So should you read this book? Maybe. There is a really, really good chance that you will not like this book (especially if you are a female, which most of my readership happens to be – all four of you) but it will, either way, expose you to a world that you may have never before had the chance to enter – the mind of a mid-to-late twenties misogynistic womanizer who also happens to be famous for nothing but drinking, fornicating, and writing about it. However, there may be some small portion of you out there – those raised with too many brothers, in a world of potty humor and off-color sexual innuendos who aren’t afraid of words like ‘blowjob’ and ‘cunnilingus’ – who may find this book really entertaining. So give it a try – the only thing it could hurt is your emotional state and mental purity! Happy reading!


PS: For those who don’t think they can handle a full book of Tucker Max exploits, you can get a daily dose over at


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andi
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 19:48:16

    I’ve often thought of reading this book myself. I tend to be more of a guy humor kind of person in general. Tucker sounds a lot like some of my friends. lol


  2. Andrew Hales
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 12:49:34

    I love your blog. Nice job. 🙂
    “Fail Harder” – Mark Zuckerberg


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