TSS: A Brief Repose

Hello all! This Sunday brings, yet again, even more snow (although the snow here is in no way as bad as they’re getting it out East, or so my friends who live in DC tell me!) and the chance to catch my breath, grab some tea, and revisit my long-neglected, sad little blog. I wish I could say I had some kind of excuse for not posting these past weeks, but I really can’t – the semester picked up, I found a few new hobbies (which will be explicated upon in detail in a later feature I’m starting called “Nerdgasm”, in which I will talk about all my non-bookish related obsessions) and the blog unfortunately fell by the wayside.

But never fear! I’m planning on introducing two new segments to the blog (in addition to “Nerdgasm”, I’m also planning on coming up with a “Word Wanderlust” series in which I’ll discuss poets, poems, and poetic miscellanea which I can never really seem to find a way to talk about!)  and I’m confident that I’ve finally found that lovely balancing point that must be discovered each semester in which both class reading and fun reading find their home in my schedule! I wish that I had more to talk about on this lovely Sunday (the first in a while, actually, that I haven’t had filled with  coffee dates, meetings with faculty, study groups and editing sessions) but I don’t! In the upcoming week I can *hopefully* promise the first two installments of “Nerdgasm” and “Word Wanderlust” in addition to a review for the “Read the Book, See the Movie” challenge, a review of Thomas Friedman’s The Lexus and the Olive Tree and maybe even the admittance of a book failure. And, if you’re really lucky, maybe even an update on the BookMaven’s love life! Happy reading!


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