Nerdgasm, Vol. 2: Boys, Boys, Boys

Lets face it: when you don’t have cable TV and you’re the kind of person who needs some kind of white noise to concentrate, you get very good at watching things on repeat. This, along with a massive amount of TV on DVD, has lead to my personal obsession with more than one fictional TV man. And, because I’m a woefully Type A personality, I’ve put my favorite top-5 fictional male TV characters, as well as why I love them .

1.) MAX MEDINA:: Max Medina was the first and second season love interest for Lorelai Gilmore, charming and silly mother whose witty banter with Max Medina is of the kind that most witty people can only envy. He’s an Ivy-league educated, private school teaching, English obsessed and beautiful man who does things like read Proust and wear big baggy fisherman sweaters. He proposes to Lorelai with a thousand yellow daisies, and even when he gets all mad and possessive and hyper-manly, he’s still incredibly adorable and a throw-back to the kind of gentility and chivalry that just bemoans New England prep and cultured money class.

2.) PACEY WHITTER:: Beginning as the lovable oafish and acceptable underachiever of Capeside and transforming to the daddy-issued top chef with a buxomy blonde girlfriend, Pacey Whitter is the most tolerable and absolutely MOST ADORABLE character on Dawson’s Creek, that incredibly dated and already nostalgic 90’s teen dramedy that is, at that same time ridiculously unbelievable and also incredibly addicting. Pacey’s best moments come towards the middle of the series, where his intense relationship with girl-next-door Joey Potter leads to some of the hottest PG, ‘takes place at a ski lodge while on the senior ski-trip’ sex to ever grace the television networks!

3.) LOGAN HUNTZBERGER :: Rich, blonde, full of himself and abnormally fast-talking, Logan is the perfect example of the kind of guy I love the most but know I shouldn’t love. And while he does go through the transformation from cocky bad boy to love-tamed heartthrob, he always has that telling rich-boy smirk that gets me every time. And, while, usually I don’t like blonds, HOW CUTE IS HE? Even in the last season, when the “will they/won’t they” between him and Rory gets to be just a little too much after just a little too long, he still has a certain kind of charm that you know could break your heart if you ever actually encountered it in reality. It’s addicting.

4.) LOGAN ECHOLS:: Much like the Logan listed above, this Logan is also obnoxiously rich and incredibly witty. He’s also suffering from a pretty severe case of daddy-issues, which while in reality can be depressing, is actually incredibly hot on TV. Not to mention he spends most of the three seasons the show aired hiding his burning, passionate love (alright, forget the oversentemntality. I can’t help it. Look at him) for his best friend’s ex-girlfriend/his occasional leading lady Veronica Mars (who is, as it just so happens, the title character). But, out of everything, the reason I just can’t stop loving the marvelous Logan Echolls is because, at the end of the day, he’s just so damn sweet. No matter how hard he tries not to be.

5.) DEXTER MORGAN:: Okay, so he’s a serial killer responsible for the horrible murder of countless people throughout Miami. BUT: a.) look at him! He’s freaking adorable! b.) he only kills people who really do deserve it. I know that sounds morally relativistic, but seriously. They really do deserve it. c.) he’s based on a literary character which, to be honest, just deserves extra props (although I haven’t read the book yet, it’s definitely on the TBR pile). Not to mention the fact that Michael C. Hall, who plays Dexter, is a recent cancer survivor. He’s an ass kicker, in fiction and reality, and what’s not to love about that?

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the latest installment of Nerdgasm, and I’m already looking for the next topic to write about. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you around soon,



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