A Little Hay-Potts and A Beautiful Day to Boot

Hello all! It’s a wonderfully beautiful day here in the midwest, which is refreshing after just HOW LONG all that damn snow stuck around! I swear, even in to April, every time it felt like spring might finally have sprung, winter popped it’s head back up, made a rude gesture, and went “na na na na na na”. However, I’m pretty sure we’re past all that now and on to some purely beautiful spring days. Which is awesome, because Mr.Maven and I happen to be returning to my parents’ house for the weekendto do some laundry, some reading, and some general hanging out with both his and my parents. It’s while making this trip home that I was able to pick up one of the latest copies of Entertainment Weekly and see this little story gaining mention in the big Summer Movie Preview:

Harry Potter and the Twice-Shot Ending

Apparently, according to Warner Brothers, one of the hardest scenes the cast and crew had to shoot was the final scene, the epilogue of the seventh Harry Potter book. Not only is this understandable from the point of the actors and crew having to say goodbye as well as filming a pretty heavy weight-carrying scene. However, I’m glad to see that they’re putting in the effort to film it until they get it right! I know a lot of Harry Potter readers had issues with the epilogue, with that whole “wrapped up in a shiny red bow” feeling that an ending like that will convey. I couldn’t disagree more, though. Not only do I feel like the epilogue treated every character fairly and realistically, I think that after a book series as EPIC as Harry Potter, a little wrap-up is nice. It not only prevents any possibility for unseemly off-base continuations in the future, but it also gives the reader – many of whom, like myself, consider themselves having grown up with the Boy Who Lived – a chance to come to terms with the ending, say goodbye, and really feel like we’ve been given a sneak peak at just how okay all of our now well-known friends turn out to be. When it comes to the movie, I also think that it’s important that they film and show the final scene because, after frequently screwing around with the scenes and structure of the movie (all of them, really, but especially the seventh), the story needs to end on an agreed upon familiar note. What do you guys think?

Did the ending of the seventh Harry Potter book drive you crazy? Do you like your books to have a neat, wrapped up ending, or are you okay with lingering story lines and character arcs? Any opinions on the Harry Potter movies?

While I’m still getting caught up on my past-due magazine reading (I myself am far too poor to afford a subscription, and am thus forced to read ravinously whenever I’m at my parents house, because they have subscriptions to both Entertainment Weekly, Time, and Newsweek) I’m also working my way through my first pick for theOnce Upon a Time V Challenge , Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. The back describes the book as a kind of grown-up Harry Potter, and it is, in a way – you know, mysterious whisking off to a magical school and all that – but beyond the basic plot structure, the book is far more adult and “real” in that it blends the mystery of magic with the practicalities of realities and the many problems that interaction can create. It’s funny that I made my list of possible titles for this challenge last night and totally forgot that I have TWO – that’s right, not one but two! – wonderful choices already sitting in my TBR pile from the library. In addition to the Grossman, I’m also planning on reading Running out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix, who I haven’t picked up since I finished her Among the Hidden series. And now, I’m off to enjoy a few more magazines and this gorgeous spring day!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anna D.
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 18:56:41

    Hey, girl. (: I’m being a creeper on your blog, so sorry about that.
    1. I did not like the Harry Potter epilogue because I was really expecting Harry to die at the end and was a little disappointed that he didn’t, haha. I’m a little cruel.
    2. You’ll have to let me know what you think about The Magicians. I only got halfway through it before I had to return it to the library, and was a little bit disappointed by it, to be honest. But maybe that’s because I hadn’t really gotten to the exciting parts yet.
    3. I also have a book blog, but I am not really good at blogging on it, so don’t make fun of me if you go read it.

    ANYWAY, done creeping. We should keep in touch because I feel like we haven’t talked/seen each other in ages.


  2. Amanda
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 14:24:56

    I completely agree with you on the epilogue. I’m not anti-epilogue as many people seem to be. I liked the epilogue in Mockingjay as well. I thought the one in Deathly Hallows was a great wrap-up and it showed me several things that I wanted to know, for instance that Draco, while humbled by his own experience, still marries a pure-blood witch and has a pure-blood child. It was just those little subtle things that I appreciated a lot.


    • Chelsea
      Apr 19, 2011 @ 14:39:21

      That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about! Plus, maybe it’s just me, but I love all of those “where are they now shows”, which I think translates over into my love (in general, although I think some stories don’t need them) of epilogues! The only part I didn’t like was that Harry named one of his children Albus Severus. I mean, yeah, name your kids after those great figures in your life, but spread the love around! He might as well have named him “please hex me every day and take my lunch money while you’re at it”.


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