Will the Real Book Maven Please Stand Up?!

Guess who’s back….back again…lol. That’s right, y’all. This is it. I promised myself I’d be back to blogging on the first of June (which is actually today! color me shocked, even when I made that goal I was slightly doubtful it would happen) after taking of the last bit of May because of all the hecticness that was life. Luckily, since the 20th of May (Graduation Saturday), things in and around my life and town have slowed down quite considerably and I’ve been able to sleep/dream/drink away some of that crazy go-go-go that was the first few weeks of May! I also, in the tradition of giving my brain a little TLC at the end of the school year, have managed to read a few children’s book that will face reviews in the upcoming days. I also have a few books backlogged that I read in the heat of my first few Kindle-owning weeks and still never quite got around to reviewing. So, on the forefront for the upcoming week review-wise?:


That’s right. A few Roald Dahls (the man was a master of creativity. And silliness. Seriously, a Lewis Carroll for a new generation), the Portia de Rossi memoir – because I absolutely love her, and love Ellen Degeneres, and just love their lesbian love. Seriously. And, yes, a Dan Brown and DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE ME!!! I can’t help it. I’ve got two voices running through my head the whole time I read any Dan Brown book. Voice one: “oh my God this is such crap I can’t even believe I’m reading this what are these words scattered across the page that disgust me so”. Voice two: “what’s going to happen? whats happening? oh my God is this all secretly true and I’ve been blind to another government conspiracy yet again this man is a genius.” I can’t help it. Dan and I have a love-hate relationship that I seem intent to keep engaging in.

Also on the roadmap for the upcoming week? A Library Loot, which is awesome if for no other reason than my library and I finally squashed our squabbles and they’ve agreed to let me take home their pretty pretty books again (also, the local library here is running an adult summer reading program on being an arm-chair explorer, with focuses in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the United States and some bitching prize packages to be had, which is just peachy!) I’ll also have a couple more volumes of Nerdgasm, a feature on the blog that I’ve done a few times in the past (see Volume One here and, of course, Volume Two) and thought needed a revisiting because, while I may not have a ton of books to share, I’ve had plenty of other wonderful things to keep my busy in my down time! Look for a debate on The Gilmore Girls: Lorelai v. Rory, an adulation of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, and a little insight in to the internet cocaine that is World of Warcraft. If I were you, I’d be excited…Until then, happy reading!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andi
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 23:42:20

    ROALD DAHL!!! The man is sheer genius. Matilda is an all-time fave and the movie was even delightful.

    I also hear he was quite the twisty adult writer. Something about a short story wherein a character is killed by beating with a frozen leg o’lamb. CRAZY! Can’t wait to read that one.


  2. Ash
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 02:23:31

    I love, love Roald Dahl. Glad you’re back!


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