Where Have all the Books Gone To…?

Here it is, 7:59 (at the time  of writing, mind you, not the time of posting) in the evening on the first 100 degree day that my part of  Kansas has seen so far this summer and I’m sipping a delicious iced coffee to sit here and tell you about…nothing. I have yet to finish a book since the last time I posted. This is likely due to a number of facts:

1.) Boyfriend’s grandma had a stroke and passed away recently, meaning there were quite a few emotional ups and downs going on with his side of life, which meant quite a few in mine as well.

2.) While I read at work, these past few weeks have meant helping some of my older kiddos with a mock trial presentation that they’re putting on tomorrow, which has been difficult, frustrating, and incredibly awesome as we’ve done everything from going to the court house for a tour to bringing in assistant DAs and police officers to speak about the differing aspects of the criminal justice system. I really think they’ve learned some awesome things, but it hasn’t left a lot of time for spare reading

3.) A general reading funk. While I haven’t posted at all or been able to finish a book, I have been phantom reading all of you all’s post and it sounds like I might not be the only person this is affecting lately. Maybe it’s some kind of weird e-flu that hits the blogging circuit, maybe it’s just that the dog days of summer and the fact that the heat makes it almost too damn hard to even lift a book. Maybe it’s the huge amount of choice available on my Kindle since I started finding free ebooks. Either way, whether the book is in paper or e-ink, I manage to get ten, fifteen, maybe even twenty pages in to a book and then I move on. I just…can’t stick with it. Luckily, I’m hoping that the approaching school year (and the increased nerdiness that always seems to accompany it) and a little bit of making-myself-stick-to-it-gumption will soon mean that I’ll actually finish a book or *GASP* maybe even two or three!

I’m reading my way now through Tony Horwitz’s Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War
and it’s proving an interesting, if not exactly the best non-fiction book I’ve ever read. It focuses on the wide variety of the ways that American’s are still confronting the Civil War, primarily those Americans who live in the South. Everything from First Amendment battles over being able to fly the rebel flag, it the hardest of the hard-core Civil War reenactors is covered across multiple states, and Horwitz’s style manages to achieve that really difficult balance between erudite and entertaining. It’s another pick up from Kit over at Books are my Boyfriends and so far she’s batting 2 for 2 on recommendations. Now I’m off to try and actually finish a flipping book, so hopefully it won’t be long before I see all your shining, pixelated faces again!


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