What A Long, Strange Trip

ImageHey, all. So, as per usual every few months here on the blog, I’ve taken a little bit of a leave of absence. If you’ll remember, the last time was because I got engaged, and I’m so grateful and overjoyed to announce that this time it’s because I got a new job – yes, that’s right y’all. In this dreadful economic climate, a fresh-out-of-college graduate (side note:: I’ve also graduated with a BA from KU and been accepted to Emporia State as a masters student in their Library Sciences program since the last time we spoke!) was able to land a full time job that she actually enjoys. It can be done, people. It can be done. I’m currently working the front desk at a local kick-ass insurance agency (seriously, guys, I know insurance agents can come off slimy, but this guy is the bomb diggity) and I couldn’t be happier that all the pieces of the 2011 puzzle seem to have fallen together rather wonderfully for the transition to 2012.

So what’s the plan now, I hear you asking oh so anxiously? Well, needless to say I’ve got quite a bit to catch up. While I was gone, I missed posting for a blog tour that I promised I’d do, as well as my date for the Book Blogger’s Advent Tour. You guys, I can’t tell you how sad/upset I am that I missed these deadlines. It’s so not my style, and it doesn’t exactly reflect well on me, but this is just one of those times where there isn’t much I can do about it, so I’ve decided to just cut myself a break. To be honest, it’s the new year and as much as I want to try and get caught up on those little things, I just don’t see there being time between now and then. So, instead I’d like to talk abotu some of the stuff I’m excited about coming back with when the calendar finally rolls over in 2012!

To start with, I recieved A Game of Thrones from my LOVELY secret santa (seriously, this wonderful woman went above and beyond! Not only did I get a new copy of A Game of Thrones, but I also got a collection of Christmas short stories, some delicious french vanilla instant cappuccino, and some gingerbread tea! Talk about a package of Christmas goodies! I haven’t seen anything on my own gift-getters blog, so I hope my package got to her okay!) and, much like Eva was talking about recently, I just don’t like to start huge books right as the year is about to end, so I’m planning on cracking that baby open as of 1/1. I’m also excited to introduce some new features on the blog, especially some focusing on crafts, homemaking/home arts, and faith and spirituality. As I’m getting closer and closer to being a wife (and one day mother), and being responsible for my own home, I’m finding my interest in everything from setting up that wonderfully organized pantry to canning my own goods, and especially how to be a woman filled with faith, bringing that same faith to her family and those around her. I promise to not get preachy, but these past few months or so I’ve really felt myself growing in that direction, and hope that all of you will stick by me on these new and unknown journeys in to the future!

In the mean time, I’ve wrangled up a few great blog links for you guys to take a look at while I’m off an about doing family Christmas things, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back with a back-logged review or two before the holiday season is out (who knows, maybe I’ll do my advent post anyway, even though I missed my scheduled date)! These are websites and people that, in the past few weeks, I’ve found myself returning to to e-love on over and over again, for a whole host of different reasons.

Lindsay at A Passionate Homemaking is one of those women I look to when it comes to raising a family with respect to virtues, faith, and upkeep of those true tennants of what it means to be a Christian. She talks about everything from homeschooling to homecrafts to being a mission-minded family, and she’s just such an inspiration!

Laura from I’m an Organizing Junkie has become my go-to girl when it comes to absolutely anything oranizaing related. The thing I love the most is that she runs a ‘program’ called 52 Weeks to Organization and I’m telling you, between that and her advice on meal plans, container-izing, and decluttering, I’m really thinking 2012 might just be the year I end up organized!

In case you haven’t already seen it floating around the blog universe, you simply MUST do you and your brain the pleasure of checking out the Slaughterhouse 90210 tumblr. Taking pictures from contemporary movies, television, and commercials, and pairing them with classic literature quotes makes for always hilarious and often thought-provoking internet reading. You’ll kill hours there, I swear it.

Lastly, if you haven’t already seen her, of if you have been tossing aside my suggestions all this time, please go check out Ash and her English Major’s Narrative. She’s been one of my favorites from the beginning, but since she’s done a blog overhaul a few months ago, she’s really become one of my blogging rolemodels. Ash isn’t afraid to be honest and share herself in her blog, and I can’t help but really, really admire that.

Happy holidays, happier reading, and may you and yours carry the peace and love of the season with you wherever you’re going!