The Armchair MA: Poetry and Poetics

Below you’ll find a list of intended titles, as well as links to my reviews where available!

  1. Aristotle: Poetics
  2. Alexander Pope: An Essay on Criticism
  3. Charles Baudelaire: “The Painter of Modern Life”
  4. Friedrich Nietzsche: The Birth of Tragedy
  5. Jacques Derrida: “The Double Session”
  6. Hank Lazer: “The Politics of Form and Poetry’s Other Subjects”
  7. Calvert Watkins: How to Kill a Dragon
  8. William Shakespeare: “Let me not to the marriage of true minds”, “My mistresses’ eyes are nothing like the sun”, “Not marble, nor the gilded monuments”
  9. Philis Wheatley: “On Imagination”
  10. Edgar Allan Poe: “Sonnet — to Science”, “Annabel Lee”
  11. Gerard Manley Hopkins: “God’s Grandeur”, “Binsey Poplars”
  12. Gertrude Stein: Tender Buttons
  13. Wilfred Owen: “Strange Meeting”
  14. Langston Hughes: “The Weary Blues”, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”, “Harlem”
  15. Frank O’Hara: “The Day Lady Died”, “A Short Account of Talking to the Sun on Fire Island”
  16. Tom Phillips: A Humument
  17. Harryette Mullen: Sleeping with the Dictionary
  18. Katie Degentesh: “No One Cares Much What Happens to You”

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